About Us

GBG has been producing high-quality Georgian cement and concrete since 2005. The company soon became one of a prominent because of its attitude and quality. The relationship with the customer is based on their interests and is characterized by protecting the absolute accuracy of business agreements and credibility.

GBG Enterprise operates in two main areas:

- Cement production

In 2005, the company started producing cement. 10 years later, GBG built a new enterprise that operates with closed-loop cement milling technology.

- Concrete production

The company started producing concrete in 2018. However, this direction is a priority for GBG, and shortly, it aims to create the best quality service in the Georgian market.

Our factories are located in Avchala, Mukhrani and Kakheti highway. All cements are produced in Avchala. Beton is delivered from Avchala and Kakheti Highway factories. Aggregates are produced in Mukhrani. 

GBG currently employs 145 people

GBG is founding member of Georgian Cement Association (GCA). 

Our Mission

Ensuring maximum quality based on customer interests; Increasing the availability of the best quality cement and concrete procurement process in the local market by maintaining flexibility and accuracy in the service process.

Brand values

GBG's productive activities are based on principles and values ​​agreed upon in the team:

- Quality assurance

According to European standards, GBG is introducing the highest technologies and constant quality control. In this way, the company wants to promote the country’s construction sector and quality construction.

- Working process

In addition to producing a quality product, GBG wants to make the work process between the two parties enjoyable.

- Relationships

With reliable and pleasant relations, the company promotes the development of the construction sector in the country.

- Flexibility

Overcoming challenges instantly, adaptability, and the ability to make changes as quickly as possible, GBG offers enjoyable, safe collaboration.

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